Reagan is a registered 3rd premie studbook FPS/FHANA six-year-old gelding, born 5/23/05 out of Nanning 374 and our studbook mare Tekla W, (damís sire Erik 351). He has noble features inherited from Nanning, including long forelegs, gorgeous arched neck, powerful hindquarters and lots of feathers! Over the past two years, Reagan has been trained to ride and drive. He was training for four months this past summer to drive, while preping for the Friesian Keuring. Then he spent two months training on trail rides, including over night horse camping. Reagan really enjoyed good workouts with steep hills, rough terrain and swimming in the river. He is very willing and eager to learn new things. He is great for vets, ferriers, and grooming, including washing & clipping. Reagan enjoys visitors who stop by to see him, and he loves attention from everybody especially children. Reagan will be an excellent horse for all disciplines including dressage, western, pleasure and driving!

Reagan received Grand Champion Gelding award at the 2010 FPS/FHANA Dutch Friesian Keuring Inspection at the Central Wisconsin State Fair by the Dutch Friesian judges!


Reagan posing while the Dutch Friesian judges evaluate him.


Reagan with his riding gear on.


Billy riding Reagan - outside.


Billy riding Reagan - inside.


Reagan with his driving gear on.


Reagan ready to drive.


Reagan driving with Billy the trainer.


Reagan cooling off after training.


Reagan playing soccer with Karen Bessel, trainer.


Me and Reagan

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